Autel Robotics EVO II Dual 640T Professional 8k RC Drone With Infrared Camera



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Autel EVO II
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Autel Robotics EVO II Dual 640T Professional RC Drone With Camera Quadcopter 8K Original Drone

Sensor:FLIR LWIR Sensor 640*512

Effective Pixels:640*512


Lens:14 mm

Zoom:1 ~ 8x

Still Photography Modes:Single shot, Burst shooting, Time Lapse

Still Image Resolution:Infrared mode: 640*512

Picture in Picture mode: 1920*1080, 1280*720″

Video Format:MOV / MP4 (support H.264/H.265)

Video Resolution:640*512 p60 (US) 640*512 p9 (Other regions)

Sensor:1/2″ CMOS

Effective Pixels:48 million


Lens:35 mm Format Equivalent: 25.6 mm

Aperture: f/1.8

Shooting Range: 0.5 m to ∞

Zoom:1 ~ 8x (Max. 4x lossless zoom)

Still Photography Modes:Single shot,Burst shooting: 3/5 frames,Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB): 3/5

Still Image Resolution:8000*6000 (4:3),7680*4320 (16:9),4000*3000 (4:3),3840*2160 (16:9)

Video Format:MP4 / MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265)

Video Resolution:8K 7680*4320 p25/p24,6K 5760*3240 p30/p25/p24,4K 3840*2160 p60/p50/p48/p30/p25/p24,2.7K 2720*1528

p120/p60/p50/p48/p30/p25/p24,FHD 1920*1080,p120/p60/p50/p48/p30/p25/p24

Net Weight(g):1192

Diagonal Distance:397 mm

Aircraft Battery:7100 mAh

Max Flight Time (no wind):40 minutes

Max Hover Time(No wind):35 minutes

Max Speed (near sea level, no wind):20 m/s

Max Flight Distance (no wind):25 km

Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level:7000 m

Hovering Accuracy Range-Vertical:

± 0.02 m (when vision positioning is active)

± 0.2 m (with GPS positioning) Horizontal:

± 0.02 m (when vision positioning is active)

± 1.0 m (with GPS positioning)

SD Storage:Standard: 32 GB,max. support 256GB”

Sensing System-Forward:Binocular system,Precision Measurement Range: 0.5 – 20 m,Detectable,Range: 0.5 – 40 m,Effective Sensing,Speed: < 15m/s,FOV: Horizontal: 60°, Vertical: 80°

Sensing System-Backward:Binocular system,Precision Measurement Range: 0.5 – 16 m,Detectable,Range: 0.5 – 32 m,Effective Sensing,Speed: < 12m/s,FOV: Horizontal: 60°, Vertical: 80°

Sensing System-Upward:Binocular system,Precision Measurement Range: 0.5 – 12 m,Detectable,Range: 0.5 – 24 m,Effective Sensing,Speed: < 6m/s,FOV: Horizontal: 60°, Vertical: 50°”

Sensing System-Downward:Binocular system,Precision Measurement Range: 0.5 – 11 m,Detectable Range: 0.5 – 22 m,Effective Sensing Speed: < 6m/s,FOV: Horizontal: 90°, Vertical: 70°

Sensing System-Sides:Binocular system,Precision Measurement Range: 0.5 – 12 m,Detectable Range: 0.5 – 24 m,Effective Sensing Speed: < 10m/s,FOV: Horizontal: 60°, Vertical:50°


Infrared movement

Movement model: Boson640 (dual light 640)

Sensor manufacturer: FLIR

Sensor Type: Uncooled Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer

H direction FOV: 32°

Focal length: 14mm

Resolution: 640*512

Pixel size: 12μm

Spectral band: 7.5μm-13.5μm

Thermal sensitivity NETD: ≤60mK@30℃ (≤50mK, ≤40mK optional)

Non-uniformity correction: shutter shutter, not open by default, provide manual FFC refresh button on App

Image input method: USB

Movement control mode: serial port

Movement output image size: 640*512

Frame rate: domestic 8.7fps, foreign 60fps

Operating temperature range: -40℃~80℃

Storage temperature range: -50°C~105°C

visible light mode

: Infrared thermal imaging camera does not start in this mode

Infrared thermal imaging mode

Video: MP4/MOV format, resolution 640*512, frame rate 60fps, code rate: 10Mbps, the small code stream for remote playback is the code stream of the recording itself

Photo: Format: JPG, Resolution: 640*512, Mode: 1) Single shot. 2) Continuous shot: 3, 5, 3 by default. 3) Timed shot: 2S, 5S, 7S, 10S, 20S, 30S, 60S, default 5S.

Real-time image transmission: resolution: 640*512, frame rate: 30fps, maximum bit rate: 5Mbps

Picture-in-picture mode

Video: Record 4 images at the same time, visible light: 4K 30fps 60Mbps, infrared thermal imaging: 640*512 30fps 10Mbps, picture-in-picture: 720p/1080p 30fps 45Mbps, visible light playback Small stream: 720P 30fps 5Mbps, MP4/MOV format

Photo: Take 3 photos at the same time: Visible light: 4K JPEG, Infrared thermal imaging: 640*512 JPEG, PIP: 720p/1080p, Mode: 1) Single shot. 2) Continuous shot: 3, 5, default 3 shots. 3) Timing shot: 2S, 5S, 7S, 10S, 20S, 30S, 60S, default 5S.

Real-time image transmission: picture-in-picture image, resolution: 720p/1080p, frame rate: 30fps, maximum bit rate: 5Mbps”

storage and playback

File storage: switch to save photos and video files to SD card and eMMC

Gallery: App accesses thermal and picture-in-picture photos and videos

Remote playback: App can remotely playback or download thermal imaging and picture-in-picture videos

Image settings

Pseudo-color: White Hot, Black Hot, Searing, Rainbow, Grayscale, Iron Red, Hot and Cold

Digital zoom: visible light mode: 1 ~ 10 times, thermal imaging mode: 1 ~ 8 times

Set the overlap offset: The overlap offset can be set on the App

FFC manual correction: can be set on the App



Indoor/Outdoor Use


Video Capture Resolution


Camera Mount Type


Controller Battery




Aerial Photography


Control Channels

12 Channel & Up

Controller Mode


Recommend Age




Remote Distance


Package Includes

Original Box,Batteries,Remote Controller,USB Cable,Operating Instructions

Remote Control


State of Assembly







App-Controlled,Auto Return,Follow Me,Wi-Fi,Other


Keep away from fire



Flight Time

About 38 min

Model Number

Autel Robotics EVO II Dual 640T

Operator Skill Level


Charging Voltage



Brushless Motor

Plugs Type


Power Source



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